Bookplates and ebookplates

Pretty sure that last one’s not a word.  Don’t care.

Since I’ve gotten a few requests lately, I’ll reiterate here that yes, I still have free bookplates available.  In fact, I don’t expect to run out anytime soon.  Instructions for receiving one are on my website,  It’s also helpful if you let me know which of my books you’re going to put the bookplate in.  Helps me personalize them better.  Oh, and if you like my books enough to request a bookplate, maybe consider clicking the ‘Like’ button on their Amazon pages or leaving a rating on Barnes and  Every little bit helps and, you know, makes me squee.

I’ve also been looking into doing Kindlegraphs.  That’s barely a word, right?Anyway, any authors out there that have done this?  What did you think?  Is it worthwhile?

Sheesh, when I was a wee lass dreaming of signing books for people, I never thought I’d someday be doing it electronically.  🙂

Oh!  Speaking of which, as promised, The Howling Delve ebook is available now!  My first novel (excuse the rough parts) is out in the world again.  Check it out and maybe even request a bookplate.

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