Writing afraid

Here’s a dirty little secret that most writers don’t like to talk about: fear of the blank page. 

There, I’ve put in out in the open. Now let’s talk about it. 

Yes. It’s natural to be afraid. I’m afraid a lot when I write. Will this be good enough? Is this project too ambitious for me? Will I finish? Will I fail? There are lots of answers to those questions, but here’s the thing: it all comes down to doing it anyway. One could even say that when you’re most afraid is when you should absolutely plunge forward. Stretching your boundaries is how you grow as a writer (well, as a person, too, but that’s a post for another blog). Does writing an high fantasy short story scare you? What about a YA book? Or an epic science fiction trilogy? Or maybe that political blog post you’ve thought about for two weeks? 

Do it. 

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t write something you don’t enjoy. If you’d rather eat nails then write a YA novel, don’t do it just to see if you can. The first rule is to writer what makes you want to write more. But if the reason you’re not writing something is fear, well … look that scary monster right in the eyes and tell him to back off. You’re a writer and you can write whatever you damn well please. 

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