Random Word Generator for Fictional Languages

I probably got back from Worldcon yesterday, so today’s blog is a repost of one from my personal blog last fall.

I am not into conlangs. I find the idea interesting, but not enough to spend time on it. However, most of the stories I write are set in other worlds, where it’s useful to have a few words of a language the people there might speak, or at the very least, a way to come up with consistent-sounding names for characters.

So I made this random word generator for fictional languages. (If you download the free Player, you can generate your own words.)

Random Word Generator for Fictional Languages

It uses a very simple method to generate words. I told it what consonants and vowels it was allowed to use, and what patterns of consonants and vowels were allowed. Then it randomly generates a bunch of words.

A high percentage of the results aren’t usable, either because they aren’t easy to pronounce or spell, or because they just don’t sound right. But it’s so fast to generate more that I haven’t gone back to create more specific rules.

How do you make up your fantasy names?

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