Distractions are why I have a daily word count goal, especially if I’m working on a novel or have a deadline on some other project.  Because there’s always something else I could be doing, some excuse I could use not to write.  My house needs to be cleaned, groceries need to be bought, I have a paper due for class, a blog entry to finish, tax returns to do, on and on and on.

Or , you know, Guild Wars 2 just came out…so there’s that…

Yep, distractions can be a killer for a writer’s productivity.  But, if I promise myself I’ll write 1000 words a day (2000 if the deadline is really tight), once I meet that goal, the rest of my time is my own.  Sometimes I’ll keep going if I’m on a roll, but most of the time I stop right around that mark.  The story is usually still stewing in the back of my head while I’m attending to all the other life things that want my attention, but if I’ve met my daily goal, I don’t feel guilty about giving in to all those distractions.

And really, what’s a cuter distraction than an Asura elementalist that looks like a bunny rabbit and likes to set things on fire?


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