The Whole Action Package

Writing, as it turns out, is a long series of flaming hoops of judgement.

You come up with an idea, work it out into a story, write it down. Then you revise, revise, revise. Next, you give it to people–like your writing group–and let them tear into it. Repeat with the revising. When you finally feel good about it, you send it off to market. You watch it bounce around for awhile, maybe you revise it again, and then, finally, hopefully, someone decides they like it enough to buy it.

Of course, sometimes they want a few revisions.

But it’s sold, and you’re done! Except, no. Because next up is publication, and there it goes, out into the world for everyone to stare at and… ignore? point and laugh? become disgusted? like? You never know until it happens. That’s the fun part.

So I’ve been waiting for reactions to Riding the Signal to come in. Last week, the first high-visibilty reaction popped up online. Lois Tilton reviewed the story for Locus. And it seems she kind of likes it. No recommended rating, but generally positive and the last line was this–

A lot of action here, tension, betrayal, blood – the whole action package.

A nice little boost there, which will help me as I wait for any other reviews or reader reaction.  Especially that last bit. That may be going on my business cards.

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