Top ten reasons conventions and workshops are like college

10. You have a schedule and you attend everything that’s required, but there’s always that one thing you mean to get to just … don’t. Usually because …

9. You hang out and talk with your friends for hours about the important things: your shared passions, life, that stupid thing you did in high school, and who you would rather be: Jason Bourne or James Bond.

8. You have a mound of work to do and you pull a few late nights to get it all done before the deadline.

7. Copious amounts of alcohol is involved. If there’s a dirty secret of the writing community, it’s that we are populated with drinkers. Actually, that’s not a secret so much as a given.

6. You make plans to go out later in the ten seconds it takes to stop and talk to someone you know.

5. Pizza.

4. There’s no such thing as a “bedtime.” It’s more like “passing out from exhaustion.”

3. Viruses spread like the plague.

2. You find your tribe.

1. Time moves faster than normal and even though you’re overworked and exhausted, you never want this to end.

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