Convention bound

My convention schedule feels packed this year. First up is Gen Con, this weekend. It’s a gaming con, and I’m not a gamer (I want to be, in a world where I have an extra three days every week), but they run a set of writing panels that was a lot of fun last year. Well, of course the fun part was hanging out with the other writers. I’m looking forward to seeing folks again.

Then there’s Worldcon, which is in Chicago so I felt obliged. I signed up for the writer’s workshop kind of randomly, and got the other two people’s stories to crit yesterday. That will be fun. Honestly, it’s just nice to have something definite on my schedule so I know I will have at least one hour where people will have to talk to me. And where I can’t just hide in a corner and listen. (I like cons, but they’re full of people.) Plus I get to room with people I don’t see very often, and it seems like everyone I know is going. I’m sure we’ll bump into each other in the halls. It’s a small con, right?

Then, after a long relaxing con-free break, World Fantasy. Conveniently located in my in-laws’ town, so it’ll be combined with a family vacation (though I will have to work for part of it, but that’s better than not going). I went to World Fantasy when it was in Madison, and all I remember is that I went to a bunch of readings rather than panels. Otherwise it blurs with my memories of Wiscon. I will be looking forward to it once the first two cons are out of the way. Up til now I’ve done very little thinking about it.

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