Theme Music

Following up on Kelly’s post from yesterday.

First off, let me point out that you’re doing it wrong. You have to listen to music when writing. How else are you going to block out the people chatting in the coffee shop around you, the old guy hacking up a lung in the library, or the kids as they tear apart the house behind you?

Or maybe those are just my problems.

Anyway, I always listen to music when I write. Even in those rare moments when I’m at home alone. I’m used to it now, and it feels strange to write without it. I don’t do the soundtrack thing though– too much work. I just have my ipod loaded up with a big mix of songs and listen to that. Everything from Florence + The Machine to MC Frontalot, Rob Zombie to Suzanne Vega.

I do, however, think of theme songs for my books. You know, the music they’ll play over the credits when it gets made into a blockbuster.

Here’s my current theme songs–

Chosen Wings– Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd

Little Dutch Girl– Bring Me to Life by Evanescence

All the Girls of Chicago– Zombie by The Cranberries

What are your themes? Because you guys do this too, right? Right?

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One response to “Theme Music

  1. I don’t assign themes, either. Crap. Maybe I am doin’ this wrong.

    I can almost-sorta play Zombie on guitar. So there’s that.

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