Book Club

Starting this week over at the Wizards Community book club, the group will be discussing Mistshore, my second novel.  I participated in the book club last year for Unbroken Chain and The Darker Road, and it was a very enjoyable, in-depth discussion.  I’ll also be doing a drawing for an ebook giveaway at the end, so stop by if you’re so inclined and join in the discussion.

I’m looking forward to revisiting Icelin’s first adventure, and not just because I recently got done working on the sequel.  Mistshore, in a way, is my love letter to the Forgotten Realms.  It and the other books in the Ed Greenwood Presents: Waterdeep series are meant to appeal to fans of the setting and to function as an introduction for newcomers, a function which I hope Mistshore accomplishes.  It’s the book where I tried to communicate all the things I love about the Realms and what got me hooked back when I read Spellfire and was first introduced to Elminster, Shandril, and the Knights, characters that are still among my favorites.  My experience with the Realms has been and continues to be, quite a ride.

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