I blame Debby

I’m back from my vacation, rested and…well, not so much rested because there was this tropical storm, Debby, hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico and dumping record amounts of rain on the Tampa/St. Pete area, which is where I was.

Having weathered one hurricane and the aftermath of another on previous trips, I figured I could handle this tropical storm business without a problem, only I’d never actually seen flooding on this scale before or realized that when it rains that much, the bugs have nowhere to go except inside the nice condo where you’re trying to sleep with all the rain and high winds slamming the windows and making you imagine tornadoes and waterspouts and sinkholes and ants the size of kittens…

Yeah, so I didn’t get as much writing (or sleep) done as I’d hoped on this trip.  But before the storm hit, I managed to do some solid editing while staring at the water.  I had mouth-watering seafood, and I got to swim in the Gulf.  Lost my sunglasses to a fairly big wave though.  Not every day you get slapped in the face by the Gulf of Mexico.

This experience should be a reminder to me that I never get as much work done on vacation as I think I’m going to, tropical storms or no.  It’s like my mind demands to actually be on vacation, damnit.  But there were obviously things swirling in the brain because I came up with a new idea for a novel, an idea which will probably be stewing for the next six months while I finish up the steampunk book.  I think it has to do with two worlds overlapping and two teenagers on a road trip to find hidden magic.  It’s a little early to tell if that’s the concept that will stick, but it’s nice to have something brewing in the background, something to have little daydreams about.

And it’s nice to be back home.  Except for the heat wave and the drought. Seriously, what is it with me and weather???

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