By the time you read this, I will be on vacation, eating seafood and typing on my laptop while I stare at the ocean.  Jeez, that sounds fun.  I can’t wait until I’m actually doing that and not just typing about doing it.   Er, anyway, not having had time to work up a regular post, I offer up this exchange between my brother and I (because I promised him I would), although it comes about a week too late. Pretend it’s the 17th.  It’s time travel blogging!

Jeff: Ask your blog readers if any of them are still hung over from Bloomsday.
Me: I’m not asking them that.
Jeff: I’m not the only one who celebrates that holiday.
Me: By ‘celebrate’ do you mean drinking out of your special June 16th coffee mug?
Jeff: Come on.  I want to see how many of them get it.
Me: You mean without Googling it?  You have to specify because the internet is full of shameless cheaters. And porn.
Jeff: Ask them how you get Gorgonzola stains out of a t-shirt.
Me: With lemon soap.  HaHa!  See, I can play this game too.
Jeff: You haven’t read the book.
Me: Go away.

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