This writing thing…

So that’s what we’re supposed to be talking about, right?

Because I’ve got more! I’m a science reference librarian. At least I was, until I started staying home with the kids. So now I’m a stay-at-home father, which means I can talk about tantrums. And laundry. And potty training.


I’m also a martial arts instructor. I can kick people in the head! Well, average height people. It they don’t move very fast. What I’m saying is, I could kick a Romero-type zombie in the head. If it were short.

Right. Writing.

I write science fiction, fantasy and horror, the standard issue variety pack of speculative fiction. My first sale was to Writers of the Future (volume 25, collect ’em all). Since then I’ve had stories in Baen’s Universe, Fantasy Magazine, The Intergalactic Medicine Show and Clarksworld. I’ve written three books so far, but I’m still working out how to best inflict them upon the world.

There you go. Writing. That’s what I’ll talk about.


Some potty training stuff will probably sneak in though.

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