Settling in

It’s an odd feeling, moving into a new space.  When I moved into the house I live in now, I remember how strange it felt at night when I’d wake up and try to recognize the features of the room around me.  None of the smells were familiar, and I had to get used to the creaks and groans the house made, which were somehow different-louder-than the creaks and groans of my old house.

Virtual spaces don’t have these problems, but the words and the page look different, and for a writer, that can be a big adjustment in itself.

So, yeah.  I’m a writer.  Welcome to my new virtual space, one that I’m happy to be sharing with Elizabeth, Gary and Kelly.

I’ll give a rundown of the vital statistics: my name is Jaleigh Johnson.  Because everyone asks, here’s how you pronounce my first name.  The ‘Ja’ sounds like ‘Ju’ and that ‘u’ sounds like the ‘u’ in cup or duck or muck or…yeah, the bad word too.  Now you’ll forever associate the two.  The ‘leigh’ part is the easiest; it sounds like ‘lee’.  When saying it, emphasis is placed on ‘leigh’.  So there you go.  When in doubt, people often call me JJ, and I’m totally fine with that too.

I began this writer business with short fiction, mostly fantasy, romance, and a bit of horror.  Gradually I’ve moved almost exclusively into fantasy.  My first novel, The Howling Delve, came out in 2007 and is set in the Forgotten Realms campaign world published by Wizards of the Coast.  Since then I’ve written three more Forgotten Realms novels: Mistshore, Unbroken Chain, and Unbroken Chain: The Darker Road.  My fifth novel for Wizards of the Coast, Spider and Stone, is scheduled to be released this December.

What can you expect from my contribution to this group endeavor?  I talk about upcoming releases, of course, and I post about the craft of writing, or at least my rambling, disorganized version of craft, and I post about games—usually video games—that I’m playing.  I also plan to talk more about books and movies and websites I enjoy, and there will always be healthy doses of the absurd.  I’m a big fan of the absurd, and my tongue is usually pressed firmly in my cheek.

You’ve been warned.

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